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Albarubens is a third-part testing laboratory, located in Italy and operating for worldwide customers.

Tests are performed on components, equipment and materials, in order to determine performances, durability and safety.

The laboratory is capable to reproduce all the climatic conditions, performing electrical, physical and mechanical verifications.

The operations are accredited under ISO/IEC17025 by A2LA, so the issued reports are accepted all over the world.
All the measurements are fully traceable to the International System of Units.

Albarubens is equipped for hundreds of standardized tests, but the main capability is the design of the new ones: feel free to ask!

UPDATED ON: 26 Sep 2020

All our customers' projects have restarted: we are happy for us and for them!
Now of course they are all urgent, but it is better this way.

Just finished the first safety checks of the batteries of two electric cars: the result was positive, but we learned many interesting concepts.
Tests on the "fuel system" of traditional vehicles are increasingly complete: now we also have the MINISHED, to measure the evaporative emissions of fuel.

A new huge test rig is under construction: it has the geometric shape of a truncated icosahedron; all in stainless steel, weighs over 5 tons.
It will be able to reproduce the high altitude environment, with low pressure and temperature; it will test aeronautical equipment but also devices for high mountains.