We are always happy to receive visitors who show our laboratory, but also to meet them personally.
A meeting is always useful to design activities to be performed; it is sometimes necessary to qualify us as your suppliers.
You should make an appointment and respect the right to privacy of other customers.


Albarubens mission is to help industry to build safe, durable, cost-effective products, adherent to state-of-the-art in technological content, always respecting human life and our planet environment.
Our contribution is to test, to inspect, to certify products before their mass production, avoiding the manufacturers to produce resources-consuming items, not fitted to their scope and not compliant to standards, regulation and good practices.
We believe in excellence, to be reached with hard job, scientific research, international cooperation and accreditation.
Our main skill is related to explosion proof equipments and photovoltaic modules, but we are able to examine a variety of different equipments. It derives from our history: we started designing testing equipments, we continue offering tests to the market.
Our market is the whole world; we ensure access to our services without regards to provenience, economic and opportunity evaluations.

A. scientific and experimental research, both on physic of measurements and their technical implementation;
B. participation to round-robin circuits to ensure the comparability of the results;
C. participation to national and international technical committees, merging our experience to all involved people;
D. internal quality system, to organise our job, compliant to international standards;
E. prevention of common errors (i.e. measurement or evaluation) and less common ones, like bureaucracy and self-reference.

1. ethic conscience: we are helping people and world;
2. full compliance to regulations and standards, participating to standards development;
3. full client satisfaction, when compatible to rigor on results;
4. correct definition of requirements, high confidence on results;
5. continuous training of operators, to grant capability on science, operation, evaluation;
6. availability of efficient infrastructure, equipments, procedures;
7. operating quality system, always monitoring the real-job processes;

a) continuous development of the skills, the processes, the equipments, the accreditation, the cooperation to other organisations;
b) the availability of technical and economical resources;
c) programmed investments on equipments and training;
d) weekly meetings to examine the state of the job, the quality system procedures and documentation, any other difficulties if any;
The management also ensures the integrity of the system, especially in case of modification in the Quality Management System. These changes are always implementes in controlled way.

i. reciprocal trust;
ii. correct and quick commercial offers, available worldwide via web;
iii. guidance to choice of appropriate services only;
iv. rigor on schedule, budget, confidence on results;
v. capability of correct explanation of non-conformity, when existing;
vi. non-disclosure of reserved information;
vii. payment policies designed to separate technical results from financial interests;
viii. total transparency using web-based real time activities tracking;
ix. impartial execution;

The gravity centre, because scientific activities always start from test and experimentation. The goal is to perform tests, evaluations and calibrations, with regards to new technologies. Three test main families: safety, durability, performances. Albarubens continuously improves its laboratory, gaining experience from its job and other connected labs. The lab is completed by internal Research and Development department, capable to develop new equipments and new procedures.

The product certification activity is intended to benefit of users and equipment manufacturers, as well as the relevant supervisory authorities, providing "certainty" about the actual characteristics and the compliance with the quality and safety standards.
Albarubens pursues this goal by providing the community all its assets, namely the laboratory, the competent people, the passion for science and truth, also facing complex problems without ever escaping from the assessment difficulties.
The commitment is not limited only to mandatory certifications, while necessary to the smooth functioning of the market, but more generally oriented to provide reliable information to anyone who needs it.
We know that certification automatically implies a shared responsibility with the customer, we work for our certificates are appreciated by a growing number of players, all over the world.
We avoid the merely bureaucratic and economic setting, not loading the customers of documents and unnecessary costs, with the aim of making certification itself a "product" required for its intrinsic value, with an acceptable overall cost.
We are aware of the moral and social responsibility arising from our role as the first Italian operator, in terms of issued Atex certificates, so we invest time and effort in the development of the entire sector, to ensure its prestige and credibility.

Infrastructure is not the objective, but it's necessary to reach it. The laboratory, the office, the tools have to be efficient, with the only reasonable budget limitations. It includes the web-based services, the internal data-base, the processes, the language, all oriented to a world-wide service. The logistic is designed to be easy-to-use and easy-to-reach, both for employed and clients. "Safety first", security everywhere it's possible.

Albarubens operates a quality management system for all the activities, accredited as compliant to these international standards:
1) IEC/EN 17025 for the laboratory;
2) IEC/EN 17065 for certification body;

a) alive;
b) continuously improved;
c) strictly adherent to real activity;
d) unique for each accreditation system;
e) unique for all the sites;


Albarubens was born in 2003, joining the experience of other previus companies. Particularly "THEIS", founded in 1994 to develop testing JIG.
The first business was the development of test and measurement equipments, mainly electro-optical ones. Internal resources for electronics, software, firmware, mechanical and optical design.
The design activity was completed by "core compliance" verification, such as the compliace to European Directives and international standards.
This experience produced the capability to build practically all the laboratory equipments, also very particular ones.
Since 2004 we are inspectors for 94/9/EC-ATEX Directive, operating inside the CEC consortium.
2008: closed the original designing activity, we started the new "Albacert Division", create to build a new laboratory capable to perform practically all electrical and environmental tests.
2009: the lab obtained the IEC17025 accreditation for photovoltaic; TL inside IECEE scheme from 2011 to 2015.
2011: starting of "Albarubens Asia Pacific", located in Malaysia to take more care of manufacturers located in Far East.
2014: completed the IEC17025 accreditation for all the EX tests.
2016: accredited as Certification Body for the new 2014/34/EU-ATEX Directive, notified for European Union inside NANDO system.